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Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Good Fight - Book Review

The Good Fight, by Shawna K. Williams, is a wonderful addition to the story that began with Jakob Wilheimer and Meri Parker's story in her book, In All Things. Their story continued in No Other. This book goes in a little different direction and, rather than continuing their story in depth, it expands on a supporting character named Roger Talbot. The novel catches up with Roger about ten years after the end of the first book and is set in Port Delamar, Texas. This story introduces the new Roger Talbot, a changed man. We also meet Pennye Boyle and learn how her life has been unknowingly intertwined with Roger's. It is a very well-written novel that will keep you enthralled until the end. Even if you haven't read the first two, you can definitely still read this as a stand-alone novel.

From the very first pages, I was pulled into the lives of two very different people filled with the same negative, distrustful outlook on life. It is a wonderful love story with just a little bit of mystery and a whole lot of grace, mercy and redemption. I really enjoyed how the author brought those themes forward and threaded God's redemptive story through the story of an attorney named Roger and a waitress named Pennye. The forgiveness and acceptance shown in this book is what we all should strive for in our daily lives. Again, very well-written -- I highly recommend it!

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