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Saturday, October 29, 2011

A little on the light side

So, tonight the DH (darling husband) and I are going to a "Cocktail Attire" event. Of course, as any good woman knows, I didn't have anything to wear so I've been shopping a tiny bit. Looking for something that looks good, but not obscene. Something that looks like something a 40-something should wear and not a 20-something. Shoes that I can actually stand and possible dance in. And of course, something that doesn't add to our debt. Shopping for this event has not been easy.....and dare I say it? It has not been fun.

Fact one -- women my age who want to still look really cool and gorgeous, but also modest, do not have very many options in the cocktail dress department; add 50 pounds overweight and the choices decrease exponentially.

Fact two -- bad back plus a knee that has been acting up for over a week equals very slim choices in the cute shoe department also. I put these gorgeous 3" heals on, and immediately, my right knee is aching. Really? Really? How old am I again?

Fact three -- I almost agreed with DH and backed out. However, I talked myself out of that because, really...how often do I get to attend a function that has "Cocktail attire"? Not very.

I did find a dress and shoes after numerous stores where I just knew I'd find the right dress. Not sure what I'm doing for jewelry (I have about 6 hours or so to figure that out) and I am NOT carrying a stupid little bag all night. If my nose gets shiny, I don't care.

Oh and PS....17? 42? Why do zits still break out a day or two before a "special" event. Really? Yes, really.

The shoes.....(dress pic later)

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  1. Love the shoes! I can totally relate about finding sensible shoes. Stan & I were shopping at Kohls, and I always have to cruise the clearance shoes aisle. Saw a pair of 4" black strappy sandals, picked one up and showed to Stan (with an eyebrow wiggle). Jokingly. He insisted I try it on. My foot cramped up so badly it almost curled in half! Aging sucks.