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Friday, December 16, 2011

Hope and Christmas

So, each year I pick out an ornament for each of the kids and one as a "family" ornament.  Most of the time, I try to find something that has to do with what we have done or something that speaks to me about this past year.  I really have not tried to even find one this year because it has been just kind of weird this year.  Today, I was shopping for something else and found the *perfect ornament.  Through all the ups and downs of this past year, I have been able to find that even keel, that peace that only comes from God.  How?  Today, I was listening to Adam Robinson, and his sermon reminded me of the how --- Hope.  Hope that only comes from knowing that the God of this universe, creator of all and lover of My Soul, still holds me and my family in His hand.  Hope that knows that He sees all and holds me through the hard times and promises never to leave me.  Hope that the promises of Heaven that were brought originally in the form of a tiny baby over 2000 years ago apply to me and my life and my future as well as to my family's future because they have all placed their faith in that tiny baby, Immanuel, God With Us.  He left all of the glory of heaven to willingly come and live a perfect life, and then be killed a horrible death to save me, to redeem me, to purchase my salvation for me -- to give me that HOPE.

PS -- I had a lot of "easy" subbing days, and I have been reading a LOT!  Quick and Easy reads from Love Inspired!  LOL  The book on the side is one of the ones I read this week, and it was fabulous!  All of the December offerings have been great!  KUDOS to those authors!

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