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I like having a place for me to just write whatever I'm thinking about. Sometimes serious, sometimes silly. Since I have 4 kids, and my favorite thing to do is read, usually it hasn't something to do with one of those activities!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

A little on the light side

So, tonight the DH (darling husband) and I are going to a "Cocktail Attire" event. Of course, as any good woman knows, I didn't have anything to wear so I've been shopping a tiny bit. Looking for something that looks good, but not obscene. Something that looks like something a 40-something should wear and not a 20-something. Shoes that I can actually stand and possible dance in. And of course, something that doesn't add to our debt. Shopping for this event has not been easy.....and dare I say it? It has not been fun.

Fact one -- women my age who want to still look really cool and gorgeous, but also modest, do not have very many options in the cocktail dress department; add 50 pounds overweight and the choices decrease exponentially.

Fact two -- bad back plus a knee that has been acting up for over a week equals very slim choices in the cute shoe department also. I put these gorgeous 3" heals on, and immediately, my right knee is aching. Really? Really? How old am I again?

Fact three -- I almost agreed with DH and backed out. However, I talked myself out of that because, really...how often do I get to attend a function that has "Cocktail attire"? Not very.

I did find a dress and shoes after numerous stores where I just knew I'd find the right dress. Not sure what I'm doing for jewelry (I have about 6 hours or so to figure that out) and I am NOT carrying a stupid little bag all night. If my nose gets shiny, I don't care.

Oh and PS....17? 42? Why do zits still break out a day or two before a "special" event. Really? Yes, really.

The shoes.....(dress pic later)

Monday, October 24, 2011

New To Me

I am going to attempt to start blogging. I love to read and I like to write. Do I have anything worth saying? Not sure, but sometimes it just helps to get it out there!

Is my life perfect? Nope, but I truly live a blessed life. You can almost always find me in some kind of Bible study and also reading some kind of Christian fiction. I'm not that picky. I've been an avid reader my whole life. That part of me never seems to change! Lots of other things have changed now that I've reached my 40's.....but we'll go there at a later date!

I just finished reading a really interesting detective story called Back on Murder, by J. Mark Bertrand. It was a very thought-provoking book about a police officer's struggles with his job and wanting to get back to place in his career that he had "lost" for a while after a personal tragedy. I enjoyed the insight into a police officer's mind as well as the specifics of the mystery. It kept me guessing as to how it was all going to play out, and I liked it! I also thought the author did an excellent job of challenging us to think about how we, as Christians, interact with the world around us and how that is perceived. I am content to just sit and let others do?

I am also in the middle of Return to the Garden, Embracing God's Design for Sexuality. Wow. Just wow. God has brought me through so much junk through the years that I thought I was ready to deal with my kids on this subject. Through the last few years, I have been saddened because I watch so many teens I interact with struggle in ways that mimic my life history. I have always been drawn to teaching and helping teenagers. This study is one all moms and girls need to go through. It has challenged me to be more intentional in how I talk to my kids (boys and girls) about sexuality. I highly recommend it!

That's my thoughts.......from this spot.